Golf balls hit Denver woman’s car twice in minutes, nearly striking kids inside

Problem Solvers

DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver mom says she can’t believe her car was struck not once but twice by golf balls within a matter of minutes.   

Shantel Horton tells the Problem Solvers it happened as she was driving near South Colorado Boulevard and East Hampden Avenue.

“My son was horrified crying,” she said.

The second ball blew out a huge hole in the back window.  

“It very well could’ve come through the window and hit one of my kids,” Horton said.

Golf courses are not liable for damage from flying golf balls, which means Horton’s insurance policy would have to cover the repairs, estimated at nearly $900. Her deductible is $500.

Insurance expert Kimberly Alire of Risk Management Partners tells the Problem Solvers, while auto policy comprehensive coverage offers protection, adding glass coverage can provide extra peace of mind.  

“If you have that, they either make the deductible very small or nothing. Sometimes you can get a zero deductible for glass coverage,” Alire said.

Alire says in the case of serious damage, if it’s clear and can be proven who actually hit the golf ball or other piece of equipment, the offender’s homeowner’s policy may end up covering the cost.

Horton says she’ll be avoiding golf courses in the near future.

“I must be extremely unlucky and I don’t believe in luck,” she said.

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