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DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver firefighter has been suspended for leaving a stuffed rat near another firefighter’s bunk.

Aaron McNally has been suspended for 408 hours for the stunt that he characterized as “firehouse humor.”

In a disciplinary letter obtained by the Problem Solvers, it said the rat was a threat toward another firefighter for testifying in a discipline hearing against a friend of McNally’s who had been demoted.

The disciplinary letter recommended termination, but the punishment is on hold as long as McNally does not conduct any rule or regulation violations within certain conduct categories over the next five years.

That firefighter ended up not testifying in the case because of the rat incident, out of fear of repercussions, according to the disciplinary letter.

You can read the full disciplinary letter below.

The 408-hour suspension is the equivalent of 17 days since firefighters work 24-hour shifts.