DENVER (KDVR) — A metro area man’s car was stolen as his family was getting ready for church, but he located the vehicle thanks to a Facebook page with thousands of followers.

The father of two does not want his name or location revealed. He told FOX31 he was getting his children ready to attend church when his wife alerted him.

“We were putting on her jacket and at the same time the car was leaving the driveway,” he said.

The family was left standing in the driveway in shock.

“It’s hard not to feel like I need a new car, I don’t have money for a car,” he said.

While doing an online search for tips on home security after a theft, the man found a Facebook page called “Colorado Stolen Cars.”

“I went six pages down and there was my car license plate and everything,” he said.

The post showed his green 2017 Subaru Outback with a note saying it was spotted south of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal near 56th Avenue in Denver.

The owner shared the information with police and officers picked it up.

“The window was stolen and the car rack was stolen,” he said.

The damage, $5,000 worth, must now be repaired before he can resume using the car.

The Facebook page, which has more than 40,000 followers, connects those who are looking for missing vehicles with those who find them.

“You’ve got 40,000 eyeballs that are out looking for your car, and the community, this society, has banded together to create a better system,” he said.

The man added that it’s time for victims to do more to help one another and sends a strong message to those looking to commit crimes.

“To the individuals who are dealing with the stolen cars, find grace to the individuals who are stealing cars, it affects a lot of people’s lives in ways that you can’t imagine and that’s not OK,” he said.

Police warn that theft victims should never try to pick up a stolen car on their own but instead file a police report so experienced law enforcement officers can safely investigate and retrieve the property.

To avoid theft, you should keep your car locked, park in well-lit areas and remove any valuables.