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DENVER (KDVR) — One Denver deputy and two Denver police officers were each disciplined in May after they had their duty weapons stolen.

Denver Sheriff Deputy Jason Gentempo was suspended for two days after admitting his loaded weapon and off-duty holster were stolen from his car while he was at a gym last December.

His discipline letter stated he didn’t face a longer suspension because he had no prior discipline in the past five years.

But the Problem Solvers have reported on Gentempo before, precisely because he wasn’t disciplined for a March 2019 incident where he’s seen on hospital surveillance video punching an inmate in a wheelchair, who then fell out of his wheelchair.

Denver Police Officer Jeffrey Teti was fined two days’ pay after his gun was stolen from his car in February while it was parked at his home.

Teti admitted he often kept his Glock 43 in his car overnight while the vehicle was parked at his house. That violates department policy, which mandates that department-issued weapons are never to be left unattended in vehicles while an officer is off-duty.

Denver Police Officer Elizabeth West was fined one day after her Glock 43 was stolen from a hotel parking lot in Salt Lake City.

Her punishment was less because the Department of Public Safety blamed part of the mishap on miscommunication between West and her mother.

West had flown to Salt Lake City in November for a funeral and then a camping trip. Her mother drove to Salt Lake City with West’s gun and met her at the hotel.

West believed her mother had brought the baggage with the service weapon into the hotel room and didn’t realize her mom had left the luggage in the car. The next morning, West discovered her car window had been smashed and the luggage with her duty weapon had been stolen.