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LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — The son of a Denver Police officer has been charged with 14 crimes, including nine counts of attempted murder.

Samuel Rose, 17, has been charged as an adult for a pair of house shootings. He confessed to them to a friend over the social media app Snapchat.

His father, Denver Police Detective Asher Rose, faces an internal affairs investigation for possibly violating department rules on the improper storage of department-authorized firearms.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies found two handguns in the possession of Samuel Rose when they arrested him June on 16 — guns his father said belonged to him.

According to court documents obtained by the Problem Solvers, Asher told deputies the guns “had been taken without permission from his gun safe at home.”

Teen flaunted guns on social media

The first shooting Samuel Rose is accused of doing happened on May 13 around 1:22 a.m.

He’s suspected of firing four to five shots into the home of a 17-year old boy he was targeting, and it’s believed he specifically shot toward the bedroom window of that boy.

“My stepson’s window, yeah,” said the homeowner, Ryan Svigel. “There could have been him, his friends, anybody up doing anything.”

Svigel said four people were home at the time of the shooting but no one was hurt.

Snapchat photo of Samuel Rose pointing two Rifles on June 7, 2022. (Credit: Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office)

The next shooting happened two days later, on May 15, around 10:27 p.m. A single shot was fired through the bedroom window of a 15-year boy sitting at his computer playing a video game.

His mother, Jessica Edgar, said the bullet barely missed the back of her son’s head.

“Only by the grace of God. God was in that room to make sure that my son wasn’t touched,” Edgar said.

Edgar said she’s appalled the son of a Denver police detective would have easy access to weapons and flaunt them on social media.

Court records obtained by the Problem Solvers include photos that show Rose posing with two rifles on June 7 and with a handgun in his waistband on June 10.

“Just flaunting that he had weapons, and it just doesn’t show that he had any remorse for the shootings that he had done — that he was proud to have these guns,” Edgar said.

Snapchat conversations, surveillance video ensnare 17-year-old

Neighborhood surveillance video showed a Toyota 4Runner leaving the scene of the first shooting, and that eventually led detectives to question a student at Columbine High School.

That student provided a screenshot of a Snapchat conversation with Samuel Rose. In the conversation, Rose spoke about being contacted by deputies regarding damage that was done to his 4Runner. At one point, Rose stated, “I thought they were going to ask where I was the night I shot up [the victims].”

After seeing the Snapchat screenshot, deputies arrested Samuel Rose during a traffic stop. Inside his SUV, they found a .45 Smith & Wesson M&P handgun with a round in the chamber.

A second handgun was also located in the car. According to the arrest affidavit, the .40-caliber Smith & Wesson Model 4006 “had nine rounds in the magazine of hollowpoint ammunition and a round in the chamber.”

Investigators are conducting Ballistics and DNA testing to determine if either of the guns they found in the Toyota 4-Runner were the same ones used in the shootings.

After seeing pictures of the handgun, Detective Asher told deputies “the handguns belonged to him. The handguns were stored in a safe within his home. He later found both handguns missing from the safe.”

“How can a Denver Police officer not know his weapons are missing for weeks at a time? Because between the time he shot the first house, our house, and was arrested with guns, that was weeks that had passed,” Edgar said.

Police detective remains on active duty, son is in jail

Detective Asher has been with the Denver Police Department since 2016. He was given a 10-day suspension in 2019 after he mishandled his gun in reaching for his flashlight and nearly shot a suspect in the head.

“I think the officer is obviously negligent with his weapons,” Edgar said.

Detective Asher remains on active duty. He had no comment when contacted by the Problem Solvers.

Prosecutors declined to charge with him improper storage of his weapons, despite a new Colorado law passed last year that makes such an offense a misdemeanor. The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office told FOX31 there was insufficient evidence to charge the dad with such a crime.

Samuel Rose is being held on a $100,000 cash-only bond in a juvenile detention facility.

The motive for the shootings isn’t spelled out in the affidavit, although one witness told deputies Rose may have felt he was owed money for marijuana and alcohol.

Rose faces nine counts of attempted murder because there were four people in the first home that was shot up and five people in the second home.

He also faces two charges of illegal discharge of a firearm and three counts of possession of a handgun by a juvenile. His next court appearance is on Sept. 8.