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DENVER —  A Denver police officer charged with sexual assault has been fired.  The Problem Solvers have learned Johnny Leon Alvarez was terminated Jan. 23, six days after he was arrested on Jan. 17.

Initially, the 29-year-old officer was placed on unpaid leave but because the rookie officer was still on his probationary status, it was easy for the city and county of Denver to fire him without the need for a lengthy internal affairs investigation.  At the time of his termination, he was facing an internal affairs investigation for aggravated conduct prohibited by law and sex assault.

But it’s possible the city could have fired him for violating a police department policy that forbids officers from dating victims of a crime they happen to be investigating.

According to the arrest affidavit, Leon-Alvarez had responded to the victim’s house on Dec. 22 to investigate a possible case of domestic violence between the victim and “her significant other.”

Afterwards, Leon-Alvarez allegedly began texting with the victim to check on her and over time the texts became flirty.  On Jan. 16, the affidavit states the victim agreed to go on a date with Leon-Alvarez to Dave and Busters. Afterwards, the victim stated Leon-Alvarez drove her home and she tried to say goodnight at the door.

The victim, who admitted “having a couple of shots and a couple of beers” could not remember how Leon-Alvarez end up coming into her house. But once inside, she told detectives he forced himself on top of her and raped her while she was “telling him no and to please stop.”

After the alleged sexual assault, the victim went to Denver Health Medical Center when she underwent a SANE exam.

A roommate of the victim, who was home at the time, later told detectives she remembered hearing the victim and Leon-Alvarez inside the house and the victim said “no and please stop several times.”

Leon Alvarez made a brief court appearance in Denver County Court Monday where his preliminary hearing was set for Feb. 27.