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DENVER — Friends and coworkers of a local man with developmental disabilities, asked the FOX31 Problem Solvers for help.

“He’s just a really sweet man and he really deserves a second chance at life,” said former coworker Lindsay Hill.

Cecil Brown has Klinefelter’s syndrome. He has lived in his City Park home his whole life. But Hill said Cecil needed some help to fix up the home, following the passing of his 89-year-old mother.

“I’m working on this play,” 53-year-old Cecil Brown said with a smile on his face, describing a series of screen plays he has written.

“It`s just a hobby, you know,” he said with a laugh.

Cecil often gives the lead role to his friends and coworkers at a local athletic club, where he has worked for more than 30 years.

“If you know him, you`ve probably been a character in one of his scripts,” Hill said. “In the movies, I`m generally a scuba diver diving for treasure.”

Hill calls Cecil a special soul.

“You’ve never seen Cecil sad or upset about anything,” she said. “He`s just the nicest person in the world.”

But a bright light in Cecil’s life recently passed away in June, his mother, leaving Cecil to fend for himself.

“She was a loving lady, a loving person,” Cecil said.

That’s when Hill said she realized Cecil needed a little help.

“It was sad to know Cecil`s living conditions when I came here,” she said. “His house was infested with bed bugs and the severity it – it had probably been going on for years,” Hill said. “Nothing that Cecil had ever complained about.”

Hill and others stepped in. She said Rocky Mountain Human Services helped to remove the bed bugs. They had to get rid of a lot of Cecil’s furniture and he was sleeping on an air mattress until recently, when they got him a new mattress. She thanked others for donating additional furniture.

“He believes he’s a strong independent man,” Hill said. “His mother raised him that way and Cecil does not see his disability. He knows that it takes him longer to learn things, but he doesn’t see that.”

Hill said the roof on Cecil’s home needs to be replaced, among other issues.

“The stove works and the oven doesn’t, and we’re trying to teach him how to cook right now,” she said. “His goal is to stay in this home. He’s been going to work for 34 years. This is the home he was born and raised in. He wants to stay here.”

“I`m just thankful to have the opportunity to stay in this house,” Cecil said. “I`m doing this for my mother. My mother, the memory of her.”

Hill said she hoped Cecil’s life would inspire others.

“Nowadays in life, there`s so many bad things you hear about,” Cecil said. “You don`t want to hear about bad things. I just try to do what`s right, try to live one day at a time. I`m hoping I can get a girlfriend some day too.”

Hill set up this YouCaring website to raise money for supplies and maintenance of Cecil’s home.

She said she and other current and former coworkers planned to show up to Cecil’s home Sunday to paint the interior, one of many projects still to come.