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DENVER (KDVR) — The baby product market continues to see robust growth. So much so, that by the year 2026 analysts predict the market will be valued at $15.6 billion.

The good news is, you can benefit from this right now and make a ton of money if you have any used or old baby items.

GoodBuy Gear’, a local Denver-based business, will purchase your used or old strollers, bassinets — even baby toys (to name a few).

They actually pay good money for these items. The business will even send a crew to your home to pick up the stuff you’re looking to sell.

Then they’ll bring it back to their warehouse in Arvada, process it, clean it up, photograph it, price it, give it a quality check and they’ll put it up on their website for someone else to buy at a discounted price.

“Our average seller makes $377, which is really incredible and you don’t realize how much you’ve spent on your children. When you add it all up, the average family spends $1,300 per child, per year – a lot more families spend a lot more than that – $20,000 if you’re buying the Snooze and the high-end products. So it really adds up,” said Kristin Langenfeld, co-founder of GoodBuy Gear.

To help encourage families to declutter and start fresh this Spring season, GoodBuy Gear says it’s actually paying parents an extra $50 payout — through March 28 — when they earn $300 or more by selling through them.

A seller will receive their payment within four weeks.

Selling your old baby gear is one thing, but you can also purchase discounted and second-hand items at really great prices too.