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ARVADA, Colo. — Some customers of an Arvada spa that closed in April are out hundreds of dollars after it never made good on their gift certificates.

Oasis Day Spa operated for 22 years, about half of that time at 8600 Ralston Road. But now it sits empty and is getting converted into an office building.

The owner, 58-year-old Brenda Peterson, sold it in April. A note she left on the door made customers hopeful they’d get their money back.

But more than four months later, they’ve heard nothing but silence.

“It was relaxing,” former Oasis client Mary Utley said. “Went over there and the doors were closed, locked.”

Utley took a photo of a notice announcing the spa’s closure and directing customers with unused gift cards to mail a copy of the original gift card number along with their personal information.

However, when the FOX31 Problem Solvers checked with the Secretary of State’s Office, the spa’s ZIP code is 80001, not 80002 as the sign said.

“I have heard nothing,” Utley said about her $120 in gift cards.

“I checked my mail for many weeks,” Utley’s friend Lorraine Anderson said.

She got stuck with $420 gift cards.

“It appears to be hopeless. I feel sort of bad because I was a customer of Oasis Day Spa from the very beginning, when it opened in its first place,” Anderson said.

The business operated at 5771 Wadsworth Bypass in Arvada from 1995 to 2006.

“I am disappointed actually because I thought they were nice folks,” Anderson said.

Peterson could not be reached at her Arvada home or by telephone.

The friends who found comfort for decades at Oasis Day Spa now find frustration.

“I think they owes us an apology for putting a notice on the door to send stuff in and be in touch with us then nothing” Utley said.

The Better Business Bureau said it can’t do anything now that the business is closed. The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office said it didn’t see anything criminal.

And the Attorney General’s Office said when companies shut their doors, gift certificates and gift cards become essentially worthless.