DENVER (KDVR) — Cryptocurrency scams are on the rise, especially on legitimate dating apps.

Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money exchanged in markets that aren’t regulated or backed up by the government like many regular banks, which can make the currency popular among scammers.

A Denver-area woman told the Problem Solvers that a man she met on a dating site approached her with an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency with an excellent return.

“The way he kept presenting it, the more you put in, (saying) ‘I can make you more,’ and had screenshots of transactions,” she said. She said everything looked professional and credible.

After investing $98,000, she became aware it was a scam, but the man refused to refund her money.

Cryptocurrency scams: How to avoid them

Donald McLaughlin of the CP Cyber tech security company advises people to be wary of any unsolicited offers to buy cryptocurrency, especially right now.

“The big cryptocurrencies are actually not marketing right now heavily, so if you’re getting promotions for cryptocurrency, it’s likely a scam,” he said.

McLaughlin added that if you already own cryptocurrency, protect your personal information, especially your private key.

“If someone asked you for it, walk away from it. Don’t give anyone your private key, because that will give them the ability to make transactions on your behalf and steal your cryptocurrency,” he said.

The woman who came forward told FOX31 she is devastated and embarrassed by the loss but wanted to prevent others from falling victim to these scams.

“Just be very careful. Really screen who you’re talking to,” she said.

The Federal Trade Commission has more information about how to avoid scams.