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AURORA, Colo. — People living near the school where a 10-year-old girl endured extreme bullying are speaking out.

They said bullying is not the only issue kids in the neighborhood face on a daily basis. The parents of the girl said the bullying led to her suicide.

Residents they want to make their neighborhood along Genoa Way between East Hampden Avenue and East Quincy Avenue better.

“A lot of domestic violence and a lot of sleepless nights,” former Aurora resident Scott Nicholas said.

Nicholas lived in the neighborhood for two years. He sold his townhouse after he said he was forced to call the Aurora Police Department 49 times in two years.

When video of a 10-year-old being bullied hit the news, Nicholas said he wasn’t surprised to learn the child went to Sunrise Elementary School.

He said he’s seen the violence after the dismissal bells ring.

“I actually had broken up several fights on my way home from work right after the kids were getting out,” he said.

Police data show 16 crimes have been investigated within a one-mile radius of the school in the past month. Those crimes include aggravated assault, robbery, theft, sexual assault and burglary.

Many of the neighbors echoed much of what Nicholas said.

Despite the perception, the Aurora Police Department said it prides itself on its community policing efforts.

Police also said there has not been any significant crime issues in the area or gang problems this year.

Police encourage any child who is a victim of bullying to tell an adult or report it at Safe2tell.