DENVER (KDVR) — Zhivonne Armstrong doesn’t want to waste any time repairing her backyard fence, damaged by falling trees.

She hired a fencing repair company in July after paying $3,000 on July 26. The payment was half of the amount due. As of Sept. 27, crews have not appeared at her home to do any work.

“I trust this business to do a service and I really feel like my trust was violated,” she said.

Armstrong said she contacted the owner, who explained that “they had been vandalized and broken into and so because of that they needed to delay work further.” But Armstrong became suspicious when her subsequent calls weren’t returned.

The Problem Solvers reached out to the owner who admits damage from the break-ins is causing severe work delays as he waits for insurance coverage payments to come in.

The company had several positive reviews online, but FOX31 did find negative reviews complaining about those delays. The owner said he will reach out to Armstrong and make good on her payment.

Recent supply chain shortages and post-pandemic cash flow interruptions have caused many businesses to close or struggle with reduced staff.