Community members fear Federal closures are creating safety concern in nearby neighborhoods

Problem Solvers

DENVER (KDVR) — Community members in southwest Denver’s Harvey Park neighborhood are noticing speeding issues ramp up with once-a-week closures on South Federal Boulevard.

The Sunday closures on Federal are put in place to make it safer in the city, but neighbors on surrounding streets are say they’re seeing the opposite effect.

“I think the cruisers or racers are picking paths of least resistance to drive and that’s the neighborhoods right now,” Harvey Park resident Chio Crooks said. 

Crooks says she has noticed this recent change on her street, particularly on Sunday.

“I think those cars are taking the side streets to circumvent the closures on Federal and they’re speeding through the neighborhoods,” she said. 

“It’s hard to tell, I don’t know if it’s worse or about the same,” Lowell Boulevard resident Robert Desrosiers said. 

Desrosiers tells the Problem Solvers the speeding issue has been plaguing his street for months. 

FOX31 obtained footage from March from another neighbor showing a car narrowly missing a teenager walking then side-swiping a parked car.

“The speed limit’s only 30 so you would hope people slow down,” Desrosiers said. “You worry about accidents or anything else going on.”

The Problem Solvers contacted the Denver Police Department about the situation. A spokesperson with the department says they aware and have plans to monitor the traffic that moves off of Federal.

At this point there are not plans to put radar vans on side streets or install speed bumps but DPD says that could change in the future.

They’re asking community members who see speeding issues to call 720-913-2000 to report any speeding or other illegal activity.

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