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DENVER (KDVR) — When it comes to keeping your children away from internet danger, a new report shows Colorado is actually the safest state for kids online.

Especially when it comes to the number of laws our state has in place to protect them.

According to data from CenturyLink Quote, last year Colorado was listed as 22nd in the nation for ’safest state’, and now we’re number one.

The higher ranking is due in part to these key factors:

When it comes to cyberbullying and sexting laws, Colorado has 11 of them, according to the research.

The number of laws our state has in place in regards to cyberbullying and sexting is well above the national average per state, which sits at 7.91.

Source: CenturyLink Quote

In terms of internet crimes against children, the research shows Colorado has impressively low levels of internet crimes against children; roughly 1.21 victims per 100,000.

“We had a couple states that made drastic improvements, but there weren’t too many that moved from being 22nd to being in the top 10. So Coloradans should be proud their state has made such great strides in the past year alone,” said Zoi Galarraga with CenturyLink Quote.

The biggest issue Colorado’s kids are facing right now online involves malware.

Malware is software intentionally designed to harm a computer, service, client or computer network.

Here in Colorado, this brand new data from CenturyLink Quote shows for every 100,000 people in our state, Colorado has 1.92 malware victims. That’s above the national average of 1.75.