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DENVER (KDVR) — Coloradans who once scrambled to find any sort of cleaning supplies to scrub down the surfaces of their homes and offices are now turning to other supplies to help combat COVID.

Specifically: air purifiers and other ventilation devices.

It’s why many Coloradans have been scooping up air purifiers.

Infectious disease experts at UCHealth say good ventilation is crucial when it comes to curbing COVID.

Researchers add: air purifiers can be an effective way of making your home or building safer.

“Air purifiers with a HEPA filter we think are probably helpful in a lot of situations,” said Dr. Daniel Pastula, a Neuroinfectious Disease Physician with UCHealth

Air purifier companies are seeing sales skyrocket as we head into winter, when it becomes a little more difficult for us to crack open windows — given the chillier weather.

An average effective air purifier cost less than $200, according to experts.

The kind you should be looking for, researchers say, are the ones with High Efficiency Particle Filters.

“As long as you have something that is reliable and works really well and has a HEPA air filter and you’re maintaining it appropriately and running that for the appropriate sized room — then that’s your best bet,” said Dr. Pastula.

Air purifiers with HEPA filters used to be difficult to find at the consumer level, but now there are plenty of options available at reasonable costs.

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