Coloradans frustrated with delays in getting COVID test results

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DENVER (KDVR) — Several COVID-19 testing sites in Colorado use Mako Medical Laboratories to send COVID-19 samples for patients to receive electronic results through its online portal.

Paperwork given to the testing patient informs people they should expect an email with their results within four days.

If they do not get their results in four days, patients are instructed to call Mako.

Many people however are struggling to get their results back within that timeline, nor are they able to reach a representative on the phone when calling.

Joan Ware, from Thornton, went to the Water World testing site on Nov. 15. Eleven days later, she still has no results listed when she logs into the Mako Medical portal.

Ware has been unable to reach a representative on the phone.

“I called and the first thing that came on their recording was something to the effect of, ‘We try to ensure you can talk with a real person,’ then you do the automatic voicemail thing and it says, ‘Nobody is available to talk to you,’ and it hangs up,” said Ware.

Ware has been in quarantine from her husband for almost two weeks after getting word she may have been exposed to COVID-19.

“I was trying to call every day and sending almost daily emails while upping the level of urgency,” said Ware. “They need to figure it out. They don’t get to just give someone the test and not give someone the result.”

Trevor Carley, from Aurora, has been waiting almost a week. He was tested Nov. 20 and was hoping to have his results back before Thanksgiving, which doesn’t appear to be the case.

“My parents will have to start thanksgiving dinner and if my results are positive, I won’t be able to go,” said Carley. “So they may be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for nobody.”

When Carley called a Mako representative, they told him the 3-to-4-day count doesn’t start until after the samples arrive to the Mako Medical lab in North Carolina.

“It feels like I got mislead, and they are taking advantage of the fear of COVID to get people to take their tests,” said Carley. “It’s not the time frame, it’s the fact that I wasn’t told the truth.”

When FOX31 tried to call CEO of Mako Medical, Chad Price, his voicemail says the same thing a representative told Carley.

“Please remember it takes two days for FedEx to give us your samples, so the time doesn’t actually start until FedEx gives us your samples,” Price’s voicemail said. “Once they get to the lab, we assign them to people to work, so it is possible that a family member or friend may get the results before you.”

Mako Medical did not return our calls about the potential of delays in sample delivery or how they’re handling the influx in COVID-19 testing around the holidays.

“Even if they send out a mass email or automatic response saying what they are working out, it would be better than not hearing anything,” said Ware. “It’s very frustrating.”

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