Code violations stack up at home in Loveland, frustrating neighbors

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LOVELAND, Colo. — Bags of trash and overgrown weeds have neighbors frustrated as code violations stack up at home in Loveland. Now the city is taking action.

“It’s like a fortress of weeds,” Merry Noyes said.

Noyes and her husband said they are living next to an overgrown jungle. The property is near Kathryn Drive and Goldenrod Lane in Loveland.

“In my opinion, it’s a fire hazard. It’s so dry right now with these weeds and nobody’s doing anything,” Noyes said. “She’s got Canadian thistles that are almost a foot over the fence.”

Noyes said the property owner is also throwing bags of trash into the backyard and that has attracted rodents.

“We actually had to set traps in our garage. We would catch six to eight, maybe even 10 mice a day. Didn’t matter morning, noon, night. You could hear those traps going off,” she said.

The Problem Solvers tried talking with the homeowner on Tuesday but we did not get a response. We contacted the city of Loveland Code Enforcement and found out over the last two years, code enforcement has issued 14 citations to the homeowner: Eight for weeds, four for trash, one for a fence in disrepair and one for sidewalk obstruction.

Tom Hacker with the city of Loveland Code Enforcement said that in 2018, code enforcement abated the property. They hired contractors to mow the weeds and then sent the homeowner a bill. Hacker said she still has not paid.

The city has filed a property-tax lien on the home. A tax lien prohibits the property from being sold or refinanced until the taxes are paid and the lien is removed. That means if the woman still does not pay up, the city can foreclose on the home.

Noyes said she has offered to help the homeowner but was turned away.

“That’s her property. She said she doesn’t want us to do anything. That’s the part that’s hard,” Noyes said.

The homeowner appeared in court on Tuesday and was issued a $500 fine. She now has 30 days to correct all of the problems. Noyes is hopeful they will be resolved soon.

“We would like to retire and sell the house and move but it makes it hard when you have that next door,” Noyes said.

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