GREELEY, Colo. (KDVR) — Residents at an apartment building in Greeley were forced to evacuate on Christmas Eve and have been out of a home since then.

Apartment managers said they would only pay for a hotel for another 48 hours as of Tuesday, according to one family. That would leave families who lived in the building as much time to find another place to live.

The building is located at 17th Avenue and 30th Street. No one is actually living inside at the moment because of the damage that occurred from a massive leak at the building.

One resident, Gilbert Riojas, did provide a video of what that damage looked like.

“I’m just trying to be positive and think positive about this whole situation,” Gilbert’s wife, Stephanie Monroe, said. “It’s been really hard on me and my family and my kids…because as of right now, we’re homeless basically.”

The leak at their apartment building forced families into hotels.

“Water was coming in through everywhere, through all the light fixtures throughout the building, throughout the hallways and inside our apartment as well,” Riojas said.

Christmas presents left behind after leak

The couple and their three children opted out of the offer for a hotel.

“They offered us a one-bed for a family of five, which wouldn’t have worked,” Monroe said.

“It was in a really bad motel,” Riojas said.

Instead, the family moved to Gilbert’s mother’s apartment, leaving many of their belongings behind.

“I’m just hoping that nothing happened to it, because they did evacuate us pretty quick and we couldn’t take a lot of stuff out,” Monroe said.

Gilbert said the family is looking for another place to settle but doesn’t have the money to put a deposit down. Their last deposit went to the apartment where they were living.

“They would refund us our deposit on the apartment,” Riojas said, “but it was going to take up to 60 days.”

Food, Christmas gifts lost because of leak

The leakage at the apartment building, the family said, would be indefinite.

“Eventually they would fix it but they didn’t really give us a timeline,” Riojas said.

The family doesn’t know where they’ll settle next but have plenty of memories they’d rather not have this holiday season.

“They could have done more for us,” Riojas said. “I mean we lost a lot, we lost food, we lost even the Christmas gifts — got wet under the tree and everything.”

FOX31 got in touch with a property manager and they didn’t say much but mentioned they are working to re-house the people who lived at the apartment building.

They also referred FOX31 to their attorney. No comment or statement has been sent from them about the situation at the apartment building.