AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — An Aurora mom living with a fallen chimney in her backyard is concerned with colder weather rolling into Denver.

Sarah Van Dyke told FOX31 that the chimney on her rental home fell to the ground before she moved in this past September. With winter approaching, she is concerned about cold air and small animals getting inside the hole left in the east wall of the home.

“Especially paying so much money, just not at all something that I would have thought would be a concern to stay in such a chilly house,” she said.

What to do if a prospective rental is damaged

Van Dyke said her management company notified her on Sept. 23 that repairs would be made, which would require a complete reconstruction rather than a patch.

INCO Property Management told the Problem Solvers that a windstorm caused a tree to fall and knock the chimney off the home before Van Dyke signed a lease and moved in. The company explained that repairs could not begin until the insurance claim was settled.

FOX31 learned the process should be completed by the end of October.

Van Dyke hopes to have her home repaired well before the upcoming holiday season.

“A great sense of relief for sure,” she said.

Consumer experts say if you notice damage to a prospective rental property, make sure stipulations concerning a time frame for repairs are outlined in writing.