DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado’s temperature changes are causing huge potholes in parking lots near Denver’s airport.

Brad Hansen told the Problem Solvers that deep cracks in the pavement at a lot off of Tower Road caused more than a thousand dollars worth of damage to his daughter’s car.

“They’re like small craters. It’s pretty bad. A lot of cars have to go around and almost hit you as they’re coming through,” he said.

The Problem Solvers asked the company about when the holes will be repaired and are still waiting for a response.

Hansen filed a claim but said the lot does not cover damage from potholes.

Will insurance cover pothole damage?

Self-park lots may cover damage caused by their staff, equipment or structures. But insurance expert Kim Alire of Risk Management Partners told the Problem Solvers that if you are driving the car, your policy will cover the expenses.

A deductible may need to be met. Some insurance companies may later seek damages from the business.

Consumers are asked to review the parking lot damage policy before utilizing the services.