DENVER (KDVR) — Richard Will spends a portion of his time out of state. He says he forwarded his mail using a change of address card but hasn’t received any of the important documents he’s been expecting.

“No bills, nothing from the bank, nothing from my investments,” Will said.

Will said there are other problems as well.

“They informed the sender that we no longer lived in Colorado,” Will said.

After trying to have the problem corrected without results, Will came to one conclusion: “The post office thinks I’m dead.”

How to change your address

The Problem Solvers looked into the issue and found the only way to change your address now is by going into a U.S. Postal Service office and presenting a valid form of identification or by going online at

“We’ve kind of upped our game, right, to combat some of this global identity theft,” Postal Service spokesperson James Boxrud told FOX31.

The security changes will help fight against scammers who are coming up with new ways to intercept mail.

“We want to protect your identification. We want to protect all of your personal information. So these are the steps that we’re going through,” Boxrud said.

Will told FOX31 he agrees that security measures are important. The Problem Solvers notified the Postal Service of his issue. Staff reached out to Will and are tracking his mail.