Caught on camera: Denver woman confronts porch pirate in the act

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DENVER (KDVR) — We see it far too often. People’s cameras capturing crooks snatching gifts and packages off strangers’ porches only to get away with it.

That’s not the case for one porch pirate in Denver after a resident recently took action.

In the Lincoln Park neighborhood, one teacher recently learned about a perk for working from home.

“I can hear the gate unlock at my house, and my dog and I always look when the gate gets unlocked. We were like, ‘Who’s there?’” Stephanie Hall said.

That quick instinct helped the other day when a porch pirate paid a visit to Hall’s home. Surveillance shared with FOX31 captures the entire interaction in 15 seconds.

Measuring 5 foot even, Hall went right up to this tall thief and took back what was her boyfriend’s work delivery.

“I ran out the door, and I just yelled at him. That was my first instinct,” Hall said, adding, “I’m not scared, especially because I live on 8th and it is a main street, and I know if anything happens, I can yell for help.”

Hall got lucky. She says the guy made up a bogus excuse about being lost and she could keep her boyfriend’s work purchase.

FOX31 Problem Solvers uncovered crooks are taking off with packages at a spiking rate. The below numbers show the rise in thefts:

“They will follow the Amazon trucks in the area and swoop them when they are dropped up,” Hall said.

Hall was able to get a close look at the pirate at her place so she can warn others.

“He had really thick black seeing glasses. The dude was like six foot, and he just had the audacity,” she said, adding, “He was on a mission. [He] had a backpack with a side pouch and stuff.”

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