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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — At the intersection of Santa Fe Drive and Hampden Avenue, a chain link fence surrounding the Avana on the Platte Apartments has seen better days.

Victimized over the years by drivers losing control as they exit Santa Fe, and sliding down the embankment into it.

“There’s no guardrail, there’s absolutely nothing,” says Steve Styes. “If anybody slips or misjudges where they’re at, they’re going off that and coming in here. There’s no other place to go.”

Styes says over the years, a handful of cars have gone through, and over the fence, damaging property in the apartment parking lot.

“I’m scared somebody is going to die,” he says. “It’s not really if, it’s when.”

Turns out, people at the complex have been raising concerns about the off-ramp since 2017.

The Problem Solvers looked into the issue back then, after a number of tenants expressed concerns.

“It’s disappointing to know that this has happened so many times, and nobody seems to see any significance in it,” says Styes.

Kelly Freitas says she’s heard a number of crashes from her bedroom.

“It’s scary,” she says. “I wish they would put a guardrail on both sides.”

CDOT released the following statement to FOX31: “[our] determination is that a guardrail is not required at this location.   Our records indicate three crashes in five years.  According to our records, in those three incidents, vehicles that left the ramp and did not stop immediately, were stopped by the chain link fence off the highway but prior to the apartment complex parking lot.  However, we’re more than happy to reevaluate the site in the near future if area residents would like CDOT to reassess.”