SHERIDAN, Colo. (KDVR) — Tiffany Ochs cries as she gazes at her left hand, where a rubber band sits instead of the diamond ring she received from the man that would become her husband three years ago.

“That ring means the world to me. it’s more than just a piece of jewelry,” she said.

Ochs said her heirloom wedding ring was lost at the River Point at Sheridan shopping center near Hampden Avenue and Santa Fe Drive on Wednesday, Oct. 12. The ring’s center stone belonged to Ochs’s grandmother, whom she lost at age 12.

“This feels like a piece of my soul is missing,” Ochs said.

‘I beg you, please give it back’

Ochs checked security cameras in the area but said they were recently installed, and one camera that could have provided helpful information was not working.

Ochs and her husband, Nick, filed a police report. They fear the ring may be circulating at area pawn shops and are making a plea to anyone who may have the heirloom.

“I don’t care who got it or what you did with it, I don’t care if it’s at a pawnshop, I don’t care if it got sold, if you could just somehow give it back,” Ochs said tearfully.

The couple is hopeful someone will come forward with helpful information.

“It is my future with my husband and it’s the memories of our past so please, I beg you, please give it back,” she said.

A reward is being offered for the return of the ring. Anyone with information should contact the Sheridan Police Department.