Blind musician gains sight with new technology

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DENVER — A legally blind musician in Denver has been given the gift of sight thanks to a pair of high-tech goggles.

They were created by a company called ‘Irisvision’ and they combine two pieces of technology and some app-based software.

The technology includes a Samsung phone, which is placed inside a Samsung virtual reality headset. Musician Brian Hurley, who started losing his sight at age 13, uses them on a daily basis to make music.

“Being able to look at my instruments allows me to be creative in as real time as I want,” Hurley said.

The pair of ‘Irisvision’ goggles Hurley purchased cost around $2,700.

He had tried other models from different companies, but said none were worth the money the way Irisvision’s are.

“It’s almost like the sky is the limit!” he said.

Hurley is able to zoom in on objects through the goggles and focus in on things he wasn’t able to see before.

To learn more about the goggles, click here.

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