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CENTENNIAL, Colo. (KDVR) — An Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office captain is facing two weeks of unpaid leave after an internal investigation found he made “insensitive, inappropriate or unprofessional comments” to female coworkers.

Capt. Daniel Joyce must also take “mandatory management and/or professional communications training,” according to a letter from ACSO Sheriff Tyler Brown and obtained by the Problem Solvers through a Colorado Open Records Act request. 

An internal investigation found Joyce made several comments to female coworkers, including that “women of a certain size should not wear yoga pants.” He also told a female employee that “if her pants were not so tight, she could find what she was looking for in her pocket.”

The investigation found Joyce made inappropriate references to his relationship with his wife and asked an employee about her prior internal affair history because he likes gossip.

Joyce told an investigator that he “acknowledged making several of the alleged comments” and also said a few of the comments sounded like something he may have said.

The captain did apologize and said he needed to “find the line” while trying to connect with people but stay professional, according to the letter.

In August, the professional standards unit received a complaint alleging the captain “made several inappropriate and unprofessional comments to one or more Arapahoe County Sheriff’s office personnel.”

“Additionally, as a captain, others in the agency look to you as a leader and an example of how to act and how to be professional,” Brown said. The sheriff’s letter also said, “The behavior and comments documented in Chief Stef’s investigation are not even remotely acceptable.”

Brown also said, “Any future instances of unprofessional behavior or comments on your part will result in you no longer holding a leadership position in this agency.” 

FOX31 reached out to Joyce for comment but he did not want to talk or issue a comment.