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DENVER (KDVR) — If you need a change of scenery while you’re working from home during the pandemic, there’s an app for that.

It’s called “Globe Living.” And since the pandemic started, its popularity has soared in the United States.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Megan Haenny.

Haenny is an Airbnb host, who like many other hosts, lost out on business when guests started canceling their reservations.

She rents a small home about 10 miles from Red Rocks.

“I pretty much rely a lot on the concert season. So when things kind of panned out, my April bookings canceled almost every night,” Haenny explained.

Haenny is interested in adding her listing to ‘Globe Living’.

The app allows people to rent by the hour – with no overnight stays allows.

It’s designed for someone to use if they need a quiet office space, a place to meditate, nap shower or relax during quarantine.

“I think the hourly thing would be a really good idea. Especially for a person like me. I have an isolated place they can go and be and literally be isolated and be in solitude for 2-3 hours,” Haenny said.

While Haenny supports the idea, she is concerned about how much cleaning will have to take place between hourly guests.

“I have a COVID responder in [my rental] right now,” she said. “She’s been in there for 5 days and they [Airbnb] make us block 72 hours after their stay. So it makes you wonder whether the quick turnover of an hourly rate is it going to be able to be cleaned up efficiently?”

According to Globe Living, rooms are cleaned to the exact same standards of a traditional full-day booking and even adds a cleaning fee on to a client’s bill to cover it.

The app is currently available in New York and San Francisco, but also shows it’s in the process of adding several homes in the Denver metro area.

According to Department of Public Health and Environment in Colorado, “Short-term rentals can’t open under the safer-at-home order. They can be rented out to the state as part of the public health response, but they cannot be rented by the public”.

Simply put: until the safer-at-home order is relaxed in Colorado, the service won’t be allowed to start.