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DENVER (KDVR) — Robert Feldman goes on trial Sept. 22 for the alleged 2015 murder of his wife Stacy Feldman. But before he faces a jury, he may have to answer to the City and County of Denver about the use of his backyard pool.

Neighbors told the Problem Solvers the 57-year-old has been renting out his backyard pool at 3601 S. Pontiac Way in southeast Denver almost every day in the month of June, even though zoning rules in his neighborhood prohibit him from doing so.

One woman who rents from Feldman and didn’t want to be identified told the FOX31 Problem Solvers she pays $45 an hour and has rented from him 10 to 15 times.

She told Investigative Reporter she originally found Feldman’s pool for rent on the website Swimply. 

Swimply is basically the Airbnb of backyard swimming pools. Feldman advertised his backyard pool as a “Totally Private Oasis” until Swimply took his ad down after receiving complaints from relatives of Stacy Feldman.

She died in 2015 but her husband wasn’t charged until 2018 because it took Denver police detectives three years to find a medical expert willing to testify that Stacy did not die from a slip-and-fall in the shower but was strangled after confronting her husband about an extramarital affair.

When Low asked a woman who rents Feldman’s pool if she knew about his pending trial, she replied, “I did not” but added she wasn’t bothered by the fact he was renting his pool to people unaware of his legal troubles: “Not particularly, no.”

But a number of neighbors have told FOX31 they find Feldman’s behavior “creepy” and want the City of Denver to shut him down.

“I’m not a bit surprised that he would go to any lengths to make money,” said neighbor Roni Brown, before adding, “He’s already living off his wife’s life insurance, which upset me terribly when I found that out.”

Brown is referring to a Colorado Supreme Court ruling in 2019 that allowed Feldman to spend his wife’s life insurance money on his defense attorneys. Stacy Feldman’s family felt that was $752,000 that should have gone to the couple’s two children, who now live with an aunt on the East Coast.

When Low attempted to question Robert Feldman in his driveway about renting out his backyard pool, he replied, “Get off my property.”

Moments later, Feldman came outside to try to write down the license plate of a FOX31 vehicle. He walked back into his house before the Problem Solvers could ask him about “Justice for Stacy” yard signs that popped up in the Southmoor Park neighborhood two weeks ago.

Brown had one in her yard and wasn’t happy when they all disappeared.

“Aggravated — very aggravated. My husband and I were both very aggravated,” she said.

She doesn’t know who took the signs down but she has her suspicions.

“I would suspect that Rob himself or somebody close to him,” Brown said.

Five days after the Problem Solvers warned Feldman he was in trouble with the City, our drone camera saw about a dozen kids in his backyard pool.

A spokesman from Denver’s Department of Excise and Licenses confirms City inspectors are now investigating Feldman for a zoning violation.