53% of working moms aren’t thrilled with their current employer

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DENVER (KDVR) — New data shows more than half of working mothers across the country are less satisfied at work now compared to before the pandemic.

A big reason for this shift: a lack of childcare support.

The new research from Care.com surveyed more than 2,000 working moms, including many here in Colorado, to gauge their feelings about the workplace right now.

Overall, it found 53% of mothers are less satisfied today compared to 18 months ago.

When it comes to women overall (not just mothers), the data found only 22% of those surveyed weren’t thrilled with their current employers.

The research goes on to show about 50% of women have recently changed companies or have been considering a job change.

Analysts say the overall frequency of that figure jumps up to 68% when you hone in on Gen-Z respondents.

“There is a need to implement programs and policies that enable working moms to create more flexible work arrangements for themselves, so they can work, how when and when they need,” said Natalie Mayslich, general manager, consumer & enterprise at Care.com. “And then to also receive family care benefits so they can be more productive at work. And so employers can retain the talent they need in order to be successful”.

Analysts say this is crucial, given how the latest data shows 73% of U.S. workers are caring for a child, parent, or friend.

The research goes on to highlight 80% of those surveyed say caregiving had an effect on their productivity on the job and interfered with their ability to do their best work.

Roughly only 14% of working moms currently have access to childcare benefits through their employers right now, according to the report from Care.com.

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