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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) gave tips to FOX31 Problem Solvers, identifying the top five things you should do to your landscape during the fall to save big bucks in the spring.

There are beautiful sights and sounds of fall: Birds chirping, a nearby waterfall in someone’s backyard. There is one sound that may not be beautiful, but it will save you serious cash next spring. That’s the sound of a portable generator.

The ALCC tells FOX31 Problem Solvers the top five things you should do to your landscape right now.

Number five, prune those perennials.

“Besides looking better and cleaner when we cut it out, it’s going to come in a lot stronger in the spring,” said Matt Ward of Environmental Designs.

Next up, F is for fall and F is also for fertilizer.

“The fall may be the most important time to fertilize, the nutrients that we are giving the grass now is going to help in the spring. It will give you a nice lush lawn,” said Ward.

Number three, is aeration, as in getting oxygen to your grass roots.

Winter time means snow. But does that mean you have to worry about moisture?
It doesn’t, says Ward.

“We don’t get enough moisture here in Colorado. It’s very dry. The plants
are going to need maybe about an inch of water, an inch of precipitation every
month,” Ward said.

And the number one thing you should do or have done every fall? Blow out the

“I’m telling you, winterized now, we’ve got some cold coming in later in
this week, you really are worried about freezers that are below 28 degrees,
that’s where you could harm pipes,” Ward said.

It could also hurt your wallet.

Now, get out there and have a great fall.