31,000 job openings currently available in Denver

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DENVER (KDVR) — Despite massive layoffs throughout the pandemic, Colorado is doing fairly well right now when it comes to new job opportunities.

But according to a new study, landing one of those gigs can be tough. It all just depends on which industry you’re looking to get into.

The study, released by CareerCloud, shows in Colorado, the number one most common and competitive job opening is for retail salesperson positions.

According to the data, the five most competitive jobs in America are: Retail salesperson (1,379 workers per 100,000 people), Food preparation and serving (1,132), Cashiers (1,115), Office Clerks (965), Registered Nurses (935).

Research from Snagajob.com shows retail type jobs are down by almost half compared to what they were pre-pandemic.

“I think what you should anticipate is a mix of jobs will shift more to e-commerce fulfillment in retail. And then within stores you’ll likely have smaller footprint stores, with fewer employees per store,” said Mathieu Stevenson, CEO of Snagajob.com.

According to Snagajob.com, there are currently 31,000 open job listings in Denver alone.

“It’s really fortunate we’ve seen some of the job growth we’ve seen in Denver,” Stevenson said. “Where there is significant growth, particularly in Colorado is in three areas: healthcare, grocery and really sort of delivery drivers as it relates to income. So think of the DoorDashes, etc.”.

According to Stevenson, job openings in those industries are up (in some cases) by about 60% year over year. Salaries are up also.

“We actually have seen pay increases across most industries really driven at the forefront by what we saw in the second-half of last year,” Stevenson said.

Experts say there are certain things you can do to help land a gig in Colorado:

“If you’re applying for a job that asks for a resume, make sure to spend a few minutes and just go through your resume and try and add some of the key words you’ve seen in the job description,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson said it’s a little bit of effort that will go a long way.

“Two is: given increasingly how people are doing Zoom interviews make sure you’ve got a clean, well-lit room; ideally with some carpet so the acoustics are good,” Stevenson said.

Also, think about ways to better emphasize how transferable your skillset can be; even if you’re applying for a job in an industry you’ve never worked in before.

“For example, if you had been a life-long restaurant worker you know how to work well with teams. You know how to work in a fast-paced environment,” Stevenson said.

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