NEW CASTLE, Colo. (KDVR) — A 2,000-pound boulder crashed through a New Castle home, causing significant damages and hurting a member of the home’s family.

The Camacho family is in shock by this whole ordeal. Jazmine Camacho said it happened last Thursday.

Boulder crashes down from mountain

She walked FOX31 through how the boulder came down from a mountain behind their home and crashed into their house.

“It hit our retaining wall then came down to our yard — there’s a huge divot in our yard — and then came into our window then hit our couch, caught some air, flew and went through a wall, hit our entertainment center and then that’s how it went to my mom’s direction,” Camacho said.

Her mother Maria’s left foot was completely shattered by the boulder, with the road to recovery after surgery being nearly a year. Now, she’s without work and Jazmine has medical issues of her own.

“They right now are supporting me 100%. I’m living here rent-free. I’m 27 years old, I’m a type1 diabetic and I’m going through diabetic kidney failure and I’m on dialysis and I do that here at home,” Camacho said. “So with them having this on top of the mortgage, on top of the bills and putting this whole load on them, it’s going to be pretty tough.”

And insurance has been a nightmare. Their insurance originally told them to go stay in a hotel and everything would be covered, but they called the family back on Friday saying they wouldn’t be paying for anything. Their reasoning was this incident was considered an “earth movement” and they don’t have coverage for that. They haven’t had a contractor come in yet, but they have high hopes that there’s no structural damage.

Ginger Currie, a family friend and local realtor in the New Castle area, has set up a GoFundMe to assist with the damages and medical bills.

The bottom line, though, is they want this to serve as a warning.

“The odds of this, God knows what it is, but just the one thing I would say to people is check your home policies,” Camacho said, “because you know you think that you’ll be covered in case of an emergency like this, then they lay it on you that you’re 100% financially responsible and it’s just a big shock.”