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Aurora Public Schools | Press Release

The Aurora community has been changed by the tragic shooting that happened inside a movie theater early Friday morning. Our hearts go out to those impacted and to our entire community.

News of a tragedy of this nature can be upsetting. In partnership with the Aurora Police Department, the American Red Cross, and city, state and federal agencies, Aurora Public Schools is reaching out to victims, their families and friends, and the entire Aurora community.

Aurora Central High School (11700 E. 11th Ave. 80010) is currently being utilized by evacuees who live in the area of the suspect’s apartment.

On Saturday, Aurora Public Schools will open two Disaster Resources and Recovery Centers in partnership with the Aurora Police Department’s Victim Services Unit, the Aurora Mental Health Center, the American Red Cross. Metro-area grief counselors will be available to work with victims, their families and friends, and community members.

Anyone who would like assistance dealing with this shocking tragedy is encouraged to visit Hinkley High School (1250 Chambers Rd. 80011) or Rangeview High School (17599 E. Iliff Ave. 80013) starting at 9 am.

Dealing with a tragedy of this nature is a community effort, and the Aurora Public Schools team is making it a priority to respond to those in need.