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DENVER – Denver Classroom Teachers Association has already been preparing for the possibility of a strike; teachers voted in favor of the strike Tuesday evening.

The union representing Denver’s teachers held a meeting with teachers turned strike captains.

“A strike captain is someone who is in the building of each school and who is helping to kind of organize the other teachers,” strike captain and South High School English teacher Moira Casados Cassidy told FOX31.

A lot of behind the scenes work, preparation and communication needs to happen to organize a large strike.

“We’re trying to figure out what time we are going to meet, what are our signs going to say, what are our chants going to be and just ultimately trying to figure out what is the way that we can get our message out to the community most effectively,” Casados Cassidy said.

On Friday, union members held a practice picket to prepare first-time strikers for what to expect on the picket line.

While DCTA does not want to release specific strike details yet, they say organization is a key component to a successful strike.

“It’s incredibly important. The whole thing about what we’re doing is we’re standing up for each other. It’s not about anybody’s one individual issues. It’s about our students,” Casados Cassidy said.

DCTA argues that without better pay for teachers and staff members, the best workers are leaving for other opportunities.

“I want to ensure the community knows we love our students. We love the city. And we’re going to try and make sure that we’re communicating with our parents and our families to make this work,” Casados Cassidy said.