Powerful winds cause plenty of damage during severe storms in metro Denver

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DENVER — Hail, tornadoes and heavy rain pummeled several areas of Aurora on Wednesday afternoon.

A service building near the intersection of Moline St. and Smith Rd suffered some of the most extensive damage. Several auto and machine shops inside the building were damaged by water after winds tore the roof partially off.

Several employees of the shops saw clouds begin to rotate above them at about 2 p.m. Wednesday. A short time later heavy rain and wind forced them to seek shelter.

“Everything happened so quick, so fast,” said Alejandro Bustaamnde, who owns a car repair business in the building.

While seeking cover inside, employees heard the wind begin to inflict damage, and soon they were getting pelted by hail.

“We could start to see the sky through the building,” said Randy Anderson.

“Half of the building (roof) is gone,” Bustaamnde said.

Though it struck at the shop first, the storm didn’t stop there.

“It was probably one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had,” said Stephanie Rittenhouse, who lives nearby.

Rittenhouse was home when the wind blew a tree onto her roof. Though it was a large tree, it didn’t appear to cause any damage to the home.

“The roots are the only thing that’s holding it up there right now,” Rittenhouse said. “We are so lucky. It’s just amazing.”

A few blocks away, wind blew a trampoline over a fence and into some power lines, which one homeowner was thankful for.

“With the way it was going, it probably wold have taken out part of the house,” he said.

Though many said they were lucky to survive, business owners are hoping they are just as resilient.

“I don’t know how long it’s going to take for me to start working again,” Bustaamnde said. “It’s pretty bad.”

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