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DENVER — A power outage on RTD’s A Line forced hundreds of passengers to evacuate and switch trains, causing more than an hour delay on Wednesday afternoon.

Dozens of passengers waiting for the A Line at Union Station were also set back.

The outage happened just before 4 p.m. just south of Denver International Airport near East 61st Avenue and Peña Boulevard.

“We were waiting for the 4:15 train and then the announcement came up that it was running 30 minutes late,” passenger Tom Vyles said.

All trains were eventually returned to service, but the headache wasn’t over yet.

Mechanical issues continued near Peña Boulevard, so passengers headed to and from the airport were forced to transfer to a bus the rest of the way. Making the usual 37-minute trip took 52 minutes.

“We know this is not acceptable as far as the service that people are expecting out of RTD and we’re sorry for that,” RTD spokesman Nate Currey said. “Anytime you have a brand new technology like this and as long as it is, you never see a train thing long, so it has had more issues than we hoped for.”

Repairs were finished at the 61st and Peña Station late Wednesday night.

The A Line has been plagued by by switching and electrical problems since opening in April.

There were delays on June 9 because of issues with the positive train control switch and wayside signals. On June 4 and May 22, there were delays because of crossing issues.

Power problems stopped the trains on May 16, 21, 23 and 24. On May 24, a lightning strike cut power to the line, stranding 80 passengers who had to walk on a 50-foot-high bridge.