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DENVER — Cars, buses and trucks created traffic jams along 58th Avenue near Interstate 25 Monday afternoon. Almost all were heading to the Denver Merchandise Mart for the 3rd annual Cannabis Cup, an event all about marijuana.

500 vendors, big and small, set up last week to sell goods and make money off Colorado’s new cash crop.

But not everyone at the event was selling pot. Several app makers were in town promoting the high tech way to pick up weed without having to wait in line at your favorite cannabis location. Others were helping those who like to get high find love. T-shirt vendors printed slogans promoting 420, the unofficial high holyday for those who love marijuana.

RadicalRus with 420Radio was broadcasting live from the event.  He said what was once underground, now has sprouted to a booming business. “lt’s become less of a criminal thing and more of a business thing and I’ve had to change my reporting on this issue because of that,” he said.

Colorado is becoming a mecca for everything pot related. Voters passed an amendment in 2012 to make possessing and smoking of pot in private legal. Industry experts estimated the pot industry made $750 million dollar in 2014. Celebrities like Willie Nelson, Bob Marley’s family, Melisa Etheridge and Snoop Dog plan to open business with some tie into weed.

“It’s amazing how everything has changed from worrying about getting busted to figuring out how to make a profit,” RadicalRuss said.

It is a new era in business in Colorado.

“If you don’t like marijuana, you’re not going to like the future,” RadicalRuss said.