Injured postal carrier talks about dog attack

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DENVER — We’re hearing for the first time from a mail carrier bitten more than a dozen times by two dogs in Denver Monday.

Gloria Cruz, 27, is bandaged and bruised and grateful she survived.

“I was putting mail in the mail box,” she says, and then two dogs pushed through an inch-crack in the door and attacked her.

“The first dog bit this arm. At that point, he pushed me down the steps. There were 2 or 3 steps maybe. He pushed me down, I hit my head.”

Then, the second dog attacked.

“I was pushed on the ground by the second dog and pulling me by my hair. I was just so terrified I didn’t know what to do. I just gave up and was laying there.”

But all the while screaming for help.

The dogs’ owner and a next-door-neighbor whose shirt is stained with Cruz’s blood helped fight off the animals.

“The lady needed help. I didn’t really care about the dog,” says the neighbor.

The dog’s owner tells FOX31 Denver exclusively that she is sorry.

”I am just horrified this happened. I am horrified for her. If we could rewind time we would do it,” says the dogs’ owner Jessica Key.

Cruz shows us her bite marks…16 of them on her arms…hips and abdomen.

“My left arm has seven or 8,” Cruz says.

She says she’s not sure she can return to work.

“It’s still too soon. I traumatized by experience. I wasn’t to able sleep last night.”

But she still has a message she’d like to deliver—even without her postal bag.

“Anybody that is a dog owner. I’m hoping they are more careful with their dogs so this not happen to anyone again.”

“It’s a terrifying event, I know it can be,” says the 25-year veteran Laborte, who is filling-in for Cruz while she recovers.

The two dogs are under a ten day quarantine and could be euthanized or offered to a rescue group.

Denver ranks 8th in the country for dog attacks on mail carriers.


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