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DENVER — A Denver man contacted the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers after he said the U.S. Postal Service lost a beloved painting of his late wife.

“Here’s one of my favorite pictures of her,” 64-year-old Glenn Barnes said as he showed a photo of his wife, Linda. “She had an infectious laugh.”

Barnes said his wife died in 2007 after battling colon cancer.

“She was just really a beautiful, beautiful person,” he said. “Everyone loved her. I don’t know what it was, but she had ‘it.’”

In Linda’s memory, Barnes had the same artist who painted a portrait of their children also paint a portrait of Linda, based on a photo of her from the year they met, when she was 17 years old.

“I always referred it to the Beatles song, you know, ‘I’ll never dance with another since I saw her standing there,’” he sang. “That’s the way it was with me, you know, since I met my wife, there’s nobody else.”

The artist sent the portrait and the original photo back to Barnes, but he wasn’t home for the delivery. He found a note on his door saying he could pick it up at the post office.

“It wasn’t there,” he said. “Then I came back on Wednesday and it still wasn’t there.”

It has been weeks, and every time Barnes has gone to the post office or called, he said he is told it can’t be found.

“If they had told me it got lost in transit, I could understand,” he said. “But the fact that you were at my door with it in your hand, wrote me a note saying you have it in your hand. Why isn’t it there?”

Barnes said he couldn’t get answers, so he reached out to the Problem Solvers.

“And then ‘ding,’ I said ‘No I’m going to call FOX31 and see if they’ll help me,” Barnes said. “And you did. And I appreciate it. Once you called them, it lit a fire under them. They really started looking for my package.”

The Problem Solvers contacted the USPS. A spokesman said it sincerely apologizes for the mix-up. They have since gone post office to post office, looking for the parcel. They are investigating the situation and hoping to track down the package.