LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — A potential home invasion was foiled in Littleton last Wednesday and it was caught on camera.

Two family dogs greeted an intruder who tried to get into their home.

“I came home from work, and I opened the door and my dogs were a little bit hyped up,” Hillary Puter said.

Puter found the back door or her Littleton home wasn’t shut.

“It was wide open and the snow was blowing in,” Puter said. She thought her daughter had come home from school and left it open but said she wasn’t in the house.

“That’s when I got a little concerned,” Puter said.

Puter said she went around the home to do some investigating.

“I noticed that there were some footprints going back and around, over the fence,” Puter said. She has surveillance cameras installed around her home.

“Then I decided to check my cameras to see why would the door be open,” Puter said. Their family dogs, Trixie and Maxie, were home when the door was opened.

“I’m glad they did their jobs so,” Puter said.

When they saw a stranger at the back door, Puter said their guard instincts activated.

“Trixie is a St. Bernard, Anatolian Shepard mix and apparently, the Anatolian Shepard was bred to fight wolves,” Puter said. Days later, Puter said, Trixie and Maxie are still on duty.

Puter said a report was filed with police but since no identifiable suspect was captured on camera, that person may still be at large.

“Don’t mess with my house,” Puter said.