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DENVER — Legendarily strange Oregon doughnut shop Voodoo Doughnut is expanding to Denver.

The owners of the Portland-based tourist attraction/bakery have picked out a spot on East Colfax near Park Avenue, the Oregonian newspaper reported.

“(Colfax is) this great gritty avenue, which used to be really, really scary and sleazy,” owner Tres Shannon told the paper. “It’s kind of like being on Burnside. There’s a dentist nearby and a wonderful … lesbian bar with a pink pool table, the same color as our boxes. That’s a good sign. And there’s a tattoo parlor and then a medical marijuana dispensary. It’s kind of like one-stop shopping.”

The Denver location marks Voodoo’s fourth store and first location outside of Oregon.

“People keep asking me, ‘Why Denver? Why not New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the big fish?'” Shannon said. “We’ve always been very cautious. All of those places might be down the line. For now, Denver is a pretty great start. It’s got a young population. It’s health-oriented, sort of like Portland — ironic, since we sell doughnuts. But everybody likes doughnuts.”

The city offered Voodoo a tax credit if it eventually hires more than 35 employees, the paper reported. Plus, a homesick Voodoo manager from Colorado agreed to run the new store.

Voodoo is known for its dedication to old-school  Portland hipster culture and bizarre-but-delicious confections. Over the past decade, the company has served everything from semi-healthy vegan doughnuts to a NyQuil doughnut, which was eventually banned by health officials. Its Portland Crème has been named the official doughnut of the city of Portland.