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DENVER — Colorado voters went to the polls Tuesday in an off-year election. It produced several winners and losers.


Prop CC supporters 

Efforts to make changes to TABOR in Colorado went down in flames Tuesday. Proposition CC would have allowed the state to keep refunds as opposed to returning them to voters. Money would have been used to improve education and transportation. Currently, under TABOR, the state government can only grow so much in a given year. If it collects too much money, it must be returned to voters. The measure failed, with 56% voting against it and 44% for it.


Brighton Mayor Ken Kreutzer

Kreutzer has been recalled from office, according to the latest returns — losing by a wide margin. The mayor faced controversy over his firing of the last city manager as well as the water bill controversy in the city. The recall measure passed 70%-30%.


Arapahoe County and Jefferson County leaders

Both local governments wanted more money for projects. They got nothing. In Jefferson County, leaders wanted to keep property tax refunds to better fund the county. Arapahoe County wanted to increase property taxes for a new jail. Both measures are projected to fail.


Mike Coffman

The former Aurora congressman was soundly defeated in his reelection effort in 2018 by Rep. Jason Crow. Coffman now appears to be heading to the Aurora’s Mayor’s Office. The Wednesday AM results show Coffman defeating the Democratic-backed candidate Omar Montgomery 38%-31%. Montgomery has not yet conceded.


Denver Teachers Union

All three union-backed candidates seeking to “flip” the Denver School Board are winning. Tay Anderson, Brad Laurvick and Scott Balderman all posted wide margins Tuesday night. The three candidates promised major change if elected, especially when it comes to charter schools.


Anti-Fracking supporters in Broomfield 

All five new Broomfield City and Council ran on an anti-oil and gas near homes agenda. Council Member-Elect Laurie Anderson tells Fox 31 they now have a majority on Council. Looks for stricter oil and gas rules in Broomfield to be passed in the coming months.



Sports betting fans. Proposition DD remains far too close to call as of Wednesday morning. However the measure has pulled ahead with a 13,000 vote lead. Around 1.3 million votes were cast in this election.