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DENVER — Tuesday night at midnight marked a key deadline for candidates for governor to publicly reveal how much cash they have on hand.

More than $10 million have been raised collectively by the candidates although much of it comes from the candidate’s own savings accounts.

Jared Polis

The multimillionaire congressman released a statement saying his average contribution is $24.

Polis has notably banned contribution over $100. Instead, thus far he has put $1.4 million of his own money into his campaign. He had around $360,000 on hand at the end of the latest quarter.

Donna Lynne

The lieutenant governor raised $300,000, including $60,000 of her own money. It is widely anticipated Lynne is tapping into many fundraising resources of current Gov. John Hickenlooper

Michael Johnston

The former state senator does not have the name recognition of other candidates but raised $255,000 between October and December. He has $732,000 in available funds

Cary Kennedy

Kennedy has raised nearly $250,000. The Emily List backed candidate and former state treasurer has $277,000 cash on hand.

Noel Ginsberg

One of the lesser-known candidates for governor on the Democratic side continues to invest his personal wealth. He invested more than $300,000 in the last several months

Tom Tancredo

The former congressman is perhaps the most known candidate in the race, but he appears to be struggling raising serious capital. Tancredo raised $75,000 so far in his campaign.

Walker Stapleton 

Stapleton added $1 million to his campaign, with $750,000 raised and Stapleton wrote a personal check to his campaign for $250,000.

Stapleton initially missed the filing deadline, but his campaign apologized for the internet issue.

Cynthia Coffman

The attorney general has around $100,000 cash on hand. However, most of the money appears to be from her former attorney general campaign account.

Victor Mitchell

The Colorado Springs businessman and former legislator continues to invest his own money, around $2 million into his own campaign account. He raised around $5,000 from supporters during the last several months.

Doug Robinson

The businessman and nephew of Mitt Romney has not been getting a lot of attention, but he raised $75,000 for his campaign in addition to loaning his campaign $300,000.