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DENVER — It is becoming increasingly more likely a federal government shutdown could take place Friday.

Democrats and Republicans have been struggling to come together to fund the government, with many Democrats saying the government should be shut down unless a deal to protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipients is enacted.

Here is how a federal government shutdown would impact Colorado.

Denver Federal Center

The largest concentration of federal civilian employees outside of Washington is in Lakewood.

Many of the 6,000 employees would be forced to work without pay or stay home and not get paid during a shutdown.

Employees said during the last shutdown the money was never made up.

VA Hospital and benefits 

The VA hospital would remain open as usual. That is because the VA is funded a year in advance.

As for veterans’ benefits, those would also continue, but during the last shutdown in 2013, warnings were issued that benefits might be impacted if a shutdown lasted more than a couple weeks.

Social Security checks 

Social Security checks will continue and the Social Security office in Denver will remain open. The office might offer reduced services.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Unlike previous shutdown, National Parks would not close completely. This is the latest guidelines from Rocky Mountain National Park. Fox 31 has confirmed the park would be free for visitors.

In the event of a shutdown, National Park system units, including Rocky Mountain National Park, would remain as accessible as possible while still following all applicable laws and procedures.

Roads that are already open would remain open, weather and road conditions permitting. However, visitor services will be limited.  Services that require staffing and maintenance, such as entrance stations, the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, the Kawuneeche Visitor Center, Moraine Park Campground, and most restroom facilities will not be operating.

There will be limited park staff to respond to emergency situations.

Gun background checks 

The National FBI Background Check System would continue and gun purchases would be allowed.

Mail and the post office 

The U.S. Postal Service said it would continue normal operations in the event of a government shutdown.

Military pay 

Members of the military would be expected to work during a shutdown with no paycheck anticipated.

State employees 

Some state employees are funded through the federal government. Gov. John Hickenlooper said his office is reviewing options.

“It will have an impact,” Hickenlooper said.

“We might have a government shutdown. When the government shuts down we have to go through our plans on who gets laid off based off of which positions are federally funded.”