What does Governor Hickenlooper think of the state’s ballot measures?


Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper shares where he stands on the state’s November ballot issues

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DENVER — Governor John Hickenlooper talked with FOX31 political reporter Joe St. George about what he thinks regarding the major amendments and propositions facing the state this election. You can watch the entire conversation above. You can also view our 2016 ballot measure guidebook here. 

Amendment 69: Creating State Run Government Health Insurance
Hickenlooper: Against
Reason: “We’ve worked hard to change and expand coverage for healthcare for more people,” Hickenlooper said.  “I think Amendment 69 is throwing out the old system.”

Amendment 70: Minimum Wage increase
Hickenlooper: Supports
Reason: “For some small businesses they will have to work a little harder,” Hickenlooper admitted.  The Governor even said fast food prices will possibly increase. “They are all going to have to raise their prices a little bit,” Hickenlooper said. But he said “I just don’t know where we are going to get to a point where they can afford housing.”

Amendment 71: Making it harder to change constitution
Hickenlooper: Supports
Reason: You’ll still be able to change the constitution but it will be only for large important things,” Hickenlooper said.

Amendment 72: Raising Cigarette taxes
Hickenlooper: Supports
Reason: “Just in Colorado with this tax increase they think 20,000 people whose lives will be saved,” he said. “Those are lives.”

Proposition 106: Medical Aid in Dying
Hickenlooper: Supports
Reason: “This year has more difficult ballot issues than any year in my memory,” Hickenlooper said. “I see both sides very clearly but I came down with people should have the freedom to make that final decision in their life.”

Proposition 107 and 108: Establishes primaries instead of caucuses and allows independents to participate
Hickenlooper: Supports
Reason: “We are marginalizing those who don’t want to go through the caucus system. I think a true primary will get more people involved in a higher degree in our primary processes,” Hickenlooper said.

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