WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Major baby formula manufacturer, Reckitt is recalling 145,000 cans because of possible contamination.

“So the bacteria is the same one that we had- that was found in the Abbott factory a year ago, so it’s cronobacter,” Dr. Heather Felton with Norton Healthcare and the American Academy of Pediatrics said.

Fulton says it’s a good sign the company is reacting appropriately.

“Companies are wanting to be safe and be proactive about making sure that testing is kept up to date,” Fulton said.

The FDA says so far, there are no reported illnesses connected to the recall and Fulton says impacted parents still have options for their babies.

“A lot of the formula types are very similar to each other and most babies could be on many different brands and types of formula,” Felton said.

An FDA spokesperson says it isn’t expected to “have a significant impact on the broader availability of infant formula in the U.S., where production continues to exceed demand.”

However, Felton says some families are still struggling to get formula.

“Now it’s affecting rural areas a little bit worse than Metropolitan areas because there aren’t as many buying options,” Felton said.

Felton says her family is doing everything they can to find what they need.

“Whether it’s an in-person store or an online store or sharing amongst friends or family members,” Felton said.

She says she’s confident this is not the new normal, and store shelves should be fully stocked sometime in the future.