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DENVER — El Paso County Clerk Wayne Williams Friday quietly informed groups on both sides of the recall of Senate President John Morse that in-person voting is underway.

Like his counterpart in Pueblo, who opened one in-person polling place Friday for voters casting paper ballots in the recall of Sen. Angela Giron, Williams is allowing voters to pick up ballots at his main office at 1675 Garden of the Gods Road, which is not actually within Morse’s senate district

He informed both sides that the Libertarian candidate, whose petitions have been deemed insufficient by the Secretary of State, would not be appealing that decision and that the recall ballot in Senate District 11 is now set.

Voters there will also be able to apply for a mail ballot today and through Tuesday, to avoid long lines at polling places on Sept. 10, the election day set by Gov. Hickenlooper.

Four more in-person voting centers are scheduled to open Thursday, Williams said.

On Friday, Hickenlooper, a Democrat who’s supporting both Giron and Morse, Democrats who are facing recalls for their support of stricter gun control laws, urged voters in those senate districts to make their voices heard.

“Recall elections by their nature are divisive,” Hickenlooper said in a statement Friday morning. “That’s all the more reason why voters should be given as much opportunity as possible to cast ballots in the coming days.

“We urge all eligible voters in Senate District 3 in Pueblo County and in Senate District 11 in El Paso County to go vote before or on Sept. 10. The more people who vote the better. Voting is, after all, one of the pillars of our democracy.

“When the elections are over, voters in these two senate districts should be able to agree that there was an open, fair process – and that everyone was heard.”