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Strategic Allied Consulting, hired to register voters in Colorado, is now accused of falsifying hundreds of voter registration forms in multiple states. The company, owned by Nathan Sproul, was hired by the Republican Party and paid millions of dollars to register voters in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada and Virginia.

In Arapahoe County, an employee is under investigation for tearing up a democratic voter registration form.

Colin Small
Colin Small

In Virginia, 23 year old Colin Small is charged with 13 counts of election fraud. In Florida, law enforcement officials are investigating “hundreds” of suspicious forms all of which were submitted by Strategic Allied Consulting.

Fox 31 Denver has obtained exclusive copies of voter registration forms that are now at the center of an ongoing criminal investigation.

The address listed on one card doesn’t exist.  The driver’s license number listed on another form isn’t valid and the last name listed on a third form is actually part of the address.

The company’s owner, Nathan Sproul, is a high-ranking republican strategist with a long and checkered past.  Back in 2004, Sproul was the target of a similar investigation.  The Department of Justice, the Arizona Attorney General and prosecutors in at least two other states were investigating widespread allegations of voter registration fraud.

According to notes taken by investigators, Sproul’s employees were pushing voters “toward registering as Republicans” implying voter registration forms would “not be turned in if they registered as Democrats.”

“When the Department of Justice looked into it, looked at our quality control measures, they said there’s nothing here, they gave us a clean bill of health,” said Sproul.

The case was closed.  Sproul was never charged.  But earlier this year Sproul was questioned, yet again: this time by the FBI.  Senior Investigative Reporter Josh Bernstein obtained and exclusive copy of an audio-taped recording between Nathan Sproul and two Special Agents with the FBI.

Read the transcript: FBI Interview of Nathan Sproul on April 27, 2012

Sproul was being questioned about an independent expenditure committee raising money for the Tom Horne for Attorney General Campaign. Prosecutors allege the committee, which hired one of Sproul’s companies, violated several campaign finance laws.

“Our company was proven to not be a part of that and we have a letter from the County Attorney’s Office saying we were a witness in the matter,” claimed Sproul.

The Maricopa County Attorney has since filed a civil action against the Attorney General and the committee’s director, Kathleen Winn.

Six months later, Sproul founded Strategic Allied Consulting.  He runs the firm from a corner office on the eighth floor of a lavish office building in Tempe, Arizona.  But you’d never know it by looking at the articles of incorporation.  That’s because the company is actually registered in Virginia where it shares an address with Karl Rove’s Super PAC American Crossroads.

Sproul admits he conveniently left his name off the paperwork.  He told the LA Times “he created Strategic Allied Consulting at the RNC’s request because the party wanted to avoid being publicly linked to the past allegations.”

In a heated exchange, Sproul refused to repeat that claim telling Fox 31 Denver “ultimately as the owner of the company it is my decision to make that choice.”

At least three democratic members of Congress are now calling for a “multi-state” investigation into Strategic Allied Consulting. Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) has fired off a letter demanding Sproul turn over thousands of records.  Sproul is refusing to comply.

“I think Congressman Cummings, who you mentioned earlier is seeking an opportunity to pirouette in front of the television cameras.”

Click here to see the training video that Sproul’s employees were allegedly required to watch.