Udall campaign goes up with two new ads responding to attacks


Democratic Sen. Mark Udall in stock footage from a 2008 campaign ad that’s re-used in a new spot from his reelection campaign.

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DENVER — For months, Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall dictated the terms of his race against GOP Congressman Cory Gardner by staying on offense on personhood and other women’s health issues.

For the moment, however, Udall appears to be playing defense, rolling out two new campaign ads Friday that both appear to be direct responses to Republican attacks.

One 30-second spot, “Succeed”, answers the latest ad from Gardner’s campaign criticizing him for focusing so relentlessly on women’s reproductive health issues.

“There’s a reason women and families are front and center in this campaign,” Udall says in the ad, in which he attempts to pivot to other issues of importance to women.

“It’s not just about respecting every woman’s fundamental rights and freedoms. It’s that everyone deserves a fair shot at success…with affordable student loans, equal pay for women in the workforce and equal treatment when it comes to what men and women pay for their health care.”

It appears to be a response to Gardner’s ad, in which the GOP challenger touts his proposal to make the birth control pill available over-the-counter and criticizes Udall for his incessant focus on women’s health.

“He won’t talk about anything else,” Gardner says in his commercial.

The second ad Udall released Friday focuses on the threat of the terror group, ISIS; and it appears to be a response to a recent ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee that highlights Udall’s statement that ISIS “does not present an imminent threat to this nation.”

“Really?” a female narrator says, as images of bandana-wearing Muslims holding assault rifles flash on the screen. “Can we take that chance?”

Udall, who sits on the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services committees and receives classified daily intelligence briefings, maintains that the group is not yet an imminent threat to the U.S. homeland but one that must be dealt with now before it becomes one.

Udall’s ad starts with images of ISIS terrorists similar to those used in the NRSC ad, before shifting to video of Udall.

“A barbaric terrorist threat. Met by a respected leader on national security,” a male narrator states. “Colorado’s own – Mark Udall: Intelligence Committee member, Chair of the Committee on Strategic Forces.

“Determined to defeat ISIS, with full support for America’s airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. No wonder military leaders have called him, ‘a champion of an effective, commonsense approach to fighting terrorism’.”

Text appears on the screen touting Udall’s support for the current U.S. campaign of air strikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The “b-roll”, or stock footage, used in the ad showing Udall meeting with veterans groups, appears to be the same as that used in another Udall TV ad from his campaign six years ago.

Gardner’s campaign viewed the two Udall response ads as a sign the Democrat is shifting strategy, not simply responding to Republican attacks.

“Senator Udall’s ads have been divisive and angry and have caused a backlash all over Colorado,” said Chris Hansen, Gardner’s campaign manager.

“That is why he is making a u-turn with his strategy at the last minute. He has been in Washington for so long he only knows how to divide people instead of bring them together.”


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