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DENVER (KDVR) — The Truth Check team continues to look at the candidates and their commercials in the 2020 election. Every advertisement that claims something — we will research and determine if the ads are actually telling the truth.

You can watch our previous “Truth Check” segments here and you can read our criteria and standards here.

The latest Truth Check is on a commercial from a nonprofit, dark money group called Duty and Honor. It’s aligned with Senate Majority PAC, which supports Democratic Senate candidates.

The ad targets Sen. Cory Gardner, who is running for reelection against former Gov. John Hickenlooper.


Sen. Cory Gardner voted nine times to eliminate the law that protects people with pre-exisiting conditions, when it comes to medical insurance

Exact quote in ad: “Millions of Coloradans… living their lives, fighting cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The one thing they shouldn’t have to fight for: health insurance. So why did Cory Gardner vote with the insurance companies nine times to eliminate protections for people with preexisting conditions?”

Verdict: True

Reason: The non-partisan website, Vote Smart, tracks congressional votes and all of Gardner’s against the pre-exisitng conditions protections. But in July, Gardner told Colorado Public Radio’s Colorado Matters, “What I look forward to working on, is a plan that protects people with pre-existing conditions.” Earlier this month, Gardner introduced a bill that’s centered on this. It reads, in part, “Health insurance coverage may not impose any preexisting condition exclusion.” Gardner’s campaign spokesperson said the bill would not allow insurance companies to deny people coverage. However, Larry Levitt, a vice president of the nonprofit health policy group, the Kaiser Family Foundation, disagrees.


Gardner has not spoken out against the lawsuit that’s going before the United States Supreme Court that says the Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obamacare,” is unconstitutional

Exact quote in ad: “Why does Gardner still refuse to condemn the lawsuit that strips away our coverage?”

Verdict: True

Reason: Gardner’s campaign spokesperson did not address the issue for the Truth Check. Gardner’s official Senate website reads, “Fixing our healthcare system will require repealing the Affordable Care Act.” And on CPR’s Colorado Matters in July, Ryan Warner asked Gardner if he supported the “Obamacare” lawsuit six times. Gardner refused to answer yes or no.